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About Us


We provide the most experienced and qualified guides for trekking Nepal in the Himalayas.

Service Opportunities

We organize service opportunities in and around Kathmandu and the mountain villages. 

Service & Trekking

We combine service opportunities and trekking into one unforgettable experience. 


Social and Environmental Responsibility

We are green. We are always respectful to nature, and endeavour to protect our natural environment and eco-system, as well as maintain social responsibility in all our activities.

Nepal is rich in flora/fauna, natural resources, and culture. We must therefore contribute as much as possible to keep it alive. All of our trips and programs are designed to work hand-in-hand with village tourism, eco-tourism, and sustainable tourism policies. We prefer to use local products during our trips to support local enterprise and discourage the use of anything that may pollute or harm the environment.

Our company annually contributes 5% percent of our profit towards child education and awareness education about both environmental protection, and sustainable development for local Himalayan communities.

Partnering with TEJ Foundation

Gokul Thapa (TEJ and Real Himalaya) and Christian Jones (Himali Adventures)

Himali Adventures partners with the TEJ Foundation and Real Himalaya to help eradicate illiteracy, promote women’s health, and provide services to build infrastructure in Kathmandu Valley and surrounding mountain villages. We are actively engaged in fundraising activities and promoting awareness.


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